Як Тебе не любити, літе мій ?

Як Тебе не любити, літе мій ?

Акації, жимолості, липи,
Літні мрії, спасибі природі
За цю щорічну поїздку
До країну подарунка.

How Not To Love You My Summer ?

Acacia, honeysuckle, linden,
Summer dreams, thanks to Nature
For this annual trip
To the country of the gift.

I composed this short nostalgic poem first in Ukrainian in June 2013, before translating it into English at a time during which it became impossible for me to travel back to Ukraine while still having a strong sensitive memorial presence of it reinvigorating.

In a similar thematical inspiration, I produced the following slide show (photos, text, reading, electronic mixing) on the atmosphere of the Summer evening in the Park Mariïns’kyÿ in Kyiv, on the hills of the right bank of the Dnipro River :

The Silent Dance, at :

And, as a strong inspirational source of the original poem, this great classic of Ukrainian songs which is regularly broadcast in an old version on the loudspeakers of the Metro stations at Khreshchatyk and others in Central Kyiv : Як Тебе не любити, Києве мій ? / How not to love You my Kyïv ? on an official video clip about Kyïv released by the authorities of the Soviet Ukraine in 1983 :

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