Glimpse over the majestic beauty of Norway

Presentation of the slide show
The City and the Fjord, 2013

With The City And The Fjord, a 4 and a half minutes long slide show about Norway, I assumed a form in 2 parts which appears to be unusual in its mode of presentation.

If the first part starts in the very classic way of a touristic reportage, briefly depicting the cities of Trondheim then Oslo by a combination of shots and text, the second part leaves the electronic music I composed to assume entirely, without a comment, the internalization of the subjective experience made by the new comer, the foreigner “discovering” with enthousiasm the environment of a fjord, for instance the Sognefjord in West Norway, near Voss.

This structure gives to this Journey a touch of quest to the absolute beauty that we may feel and live while penetrating some majestic landscapes for the first time in our life, even if we come after so many others.

I hope that I then succeeded in formalizing, through a combination of mixed medias, a poetic approach of a place which hugely overwhelms the senses of the new guest. I would be very pleased if my Norwegian readers also enjoys my neverthless superficial vision of their stunning country.

The shots come from a trip I made during August 1991.

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