Economic Growth



I, for long, thought
That life was not reduced
To earning money
That my life was dedicated
To a higher value
To a greater mission
When parents shouted at each other
When young women paid the price
Of getting retributed for what is free
When disabled persons never were understood
When children for non-natural reasons
Were raised to the status of orphanage
When the elders walked alone
When the unaccounted victims remained forgotten
When Drug was the great Appeal of the poor Souls
When the Street as a Holly Threat
In the background of our lives
Played its vital role of a Shadow Institution
When my inner world was crumbling.

But the routine makers
As reinforced Saviours
Cut me off neatly from my daydreams
They made me rally
Their non-noble shopkeepers’ gambles
Arguing to promote me
To the utmost responsible development
A human being can meet
Only at that precise hour
From a child I truly became an adult
When instead of, in me,
Seeking for the hero,
I accepted, in vain,
To survive a day after another.


Couver picture : Rate of change of Gross domestic product, world and OECD, since 1961 (text : Wikipedia)
source : By Alex1011 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

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