My name is Cyrille CLÉMENT. I am born in 1969 in France.

I am an independent, experienced writer and published photographer.

Graduated in Linguistics from the University of La Sorbonne (Paris), having received prizes in electronic music and photography, Since the 1990’s, I have worked, as a ghost-writer and literary translator, for personalities like the French cooker Alain Ducasse or the Swiss contemporary artist Thomas hirschhorn (see my professional profile on LinkedIn) .

As a volunteer photographer for the Ukrainian community in France starting in 2012 with conferences, I followed, from November 2013 to April 2014, the events of the Ukrainian political movement known as the “Euromaidan” in Paris with several shots published (see links in the page “Publications”).

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Since then, I developed the activity of photography during public events in Paris : humanitarian actions, conferences, debates, concerts… including during events in motion.

My shots are used by several organisations such as the French-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, the Association France-Finland, the Danish Foundation in Paris and others.

Committed to the notions of democracy, cultural dialogue and knowledge based on scientific approach, I am a member of the following organisations

International Relations :
Association France-Danemark (member 1994-9, 2014-)
Chambre de Commerce Franco-Finlandaise (member 2015-)
Association France-Finlande (member 2014-)
Centre Relations France Ukraine (member 2015-)

Human Rights :
La Strada International (donor 2015-)

Sciences and knowledge :
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (donor 2016-)
Wikimedia France (member 2013-)
Philomaths (correspondent, co-redactor of the Statutes and Rules 2013-)

Culture :
Gleb Panfilov (creator and administrator of the group on Facebook 2008-)

Renewable Energy :
Vestas Wind Systems (shareholder 2013-6)

Partners :
Dialogue France Europe Centrale, association, 2015-

Academic Texts
Sémiologie de la musique et logique combinatoire,
Institut des Sciences Humaines Appliquées, Université Paris IV, La Sorbonne, 1994
V. Larbaud et le Monologue intérieur,
Département de Linguistique, Université Paris IV, La Sorbonne, 1995


Photography :
Chambre de Commerce Franco-Finlandaise (events photography, CCFF’S newsletter), 2015-
#Euromaïdan : Rising for Freedom and Democracy in Ukraine, (double page on pp. 62-3), Brine Books Publishing, Canada, 2014
Association France-Finlande (events photography), 2014-
Goodbye Poutine, (cover picture of the book) Ginkgo Éditions, Paris, 2015

Ghost writing :
Alain Ducasse : Rencontres Savoureuses, petit traité de l’excellence française,
Plon, Paris, 1999

Translation :
Manuel Joseph : Ça m’a même pas fait mal, Al Dante, Paris, 2001

Unpublished work
Le Titre est 80°, 2001

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