I propose on this evolving page a list of valuable historical sources (University documents, analysis, synthesis…) as internet links to pdf files, audio, video… All these documents are public, free of charge and released according to the laws on Freedom of Information and other legal regulations of the countries where they habe been produced and digitalized.

It will be progressively structured by themes, epochs, eras. It is just embrionic here. Each time I shall find through my navigations on the internet a new link to a document with a certain degree of interest, which can renew a vision of facts but which is cautioned by a serious publication (a great national media, a University…), I shall post it here, in order to feed a reflection and an access to a certain political, economic or scientific culture.

  1. Section 1 : World War II in docs
    1.1- WWII on the British side
    1.2- WWII on the US side
    1.3- WWII on the Soviet side
    1.4- WWII on the Axis side
    1.5- The Great Texts of WWII
    1.6- The heritage of WWII
  2. Section 2 : Energy and Security
    2.1- Civil Nuclear Accidents
    2.2- Military Nuclear Accidents
    2.3- Oil, Gas & Norway
  3. Section 3 : Stake, Frontline and Margins of the Empire
    3.1- Crossed Interests and US Army’s projection of forces
    3.1.1- US Army in Greenland during the 1950’s
    3.2- US Intelligence and Political groups after 1945
    3.2.1- US Intelligence and Ukrainian groups after 1945 :
  4. Section 4 : EU, RF and the in-between
    4.1 Fundamental texts
    4.2 Current political documents of reference
    4.3 Analytical documents
    4.4 Institutions, Structures and fora
  5. Section 5 : The Civilisation of Risk as engine of the globalisation

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