Section 2- Energy & Security

2.1- Nuclear Energy

2.1.1- Civil Nuclear Accidents

2.1.1.a- Windscale, UK, 1957

The Declassified Penney report on the Windscale Incident (1989)

2.1.1.b- Chernobyl, Ukraine, 1986

The Chernobyl Accident ; Updating of INSAG-1

Chernobyl and its Aftermath : A Chronology of Events 

Чернобыль, Труд и подвиг-1
Чернобыль, Труд и подвиг-2

Главный Конструктор РБМК о Чернобыльской аварий


Pripyat-city website (which contains a tremendous quantity of archival documents)

ROSATOM’s electronic library which contains a huge amount of digitalised historical documents

2.1.2- Military Nuclear Accidents

2.1.2.a- The Thule Accident, Grønland, 1969

Declassified documents :

Project Crested Ice, declassified document

Project Crested Ice, Archival video footage :

2.2- Non-Nuclear Energy

2.2.1- Oil, Gas & Norway

2.2.2- Carbon Emissions

ICOS, the European network of observation :

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