Section 1- WWII in docs

1- World War II in documents

1.1- WWII on the British side

1.1.1- Role of Intelligence and diplomacy
Studies in British Naval Intelligence, 1880-1945, Anthony Roland Wells :
Churchill and Spain in World War 2, BBC Radio 4 Document :

1.1.2- Role of other primary institutions
The Unpublished History of the Bank of England 1939-45 (+1700 pages) :

1.1.3- Anglo-Soviet good relations in news reels (from the Pathe collection)


Soviet Mission in London  — Soviet Ambassador Maisky on the Red Army


Second Front — Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Maisky signing a document in Canada — Lenin Memorial Unveiled

Maisky’s Warning

Churchill, Stalin, Eden, Molotov

Salute to Stalingrad version 2 (1950)

1.1.6- Moscow’s ears among Western Allies
Cedric Belfrage (BBC News)
The Cambridge Spies (The National Archives)

1.2- WWII on the US side

1.2.1- The Vice President of the USA’s 3 weeks visit to the Gulag during the D-Day landing in Normandy
Henry Wallace in Magadan in the Soviet Archives

Henry Wallace visits the Gulag during June 1944 in news reels :
U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace visits a copper mine and coal mine in Central Asia
U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace visits Buryat Mongolian Republic
U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace visits Tashkent and Alma Ata in Central Asia
U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace along with American visitors visit Shushenskoy in Russia
U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace along with American visitors visits Lake Baikal in Russia

1.3- WWII on the Soviet side

1.3.1- Soviet Territorial Conquests
The Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation, October 1944 (rare document, the downloading is slow due to the size of the pdf file – in the case the link doesn’t work properly from this page, copy and paste it into your browser)

1.4- WWII on the Axis side

1.4.1- Adolf Hitler as a political construction
Hitler’s Private Voice (with the historian Richard J Evans) :

Hitler’s Private voice recorded by the Finnish Secret Service

1.4.2- German official accounts
Kriegstagebuch des Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (war diaries of the German High Command)

1.5- Great Texts of WWII

1.5.1- The Anglo-French-Turkish Treaty of May 1939
article in the Goulburn Evening Penny Post
debate the 12th of May 1939 at the House of Commons

1.5.2- great texts between Western Powers and the USSR
Catalog of Texts of the Tehran and Cairo I and II Conferences
, on the United States Department of State

1.6- the heritage of WWII

1.6.1- UKUSA

The March 1946 Agreement on the national Archives (June 2010 release)

the network Echelon

1.6.2- The Atomic Bomb On the Soviet Side
Zhores Medvedev : Stalin and the Atomic Bomb

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