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Photography :

— As a self-trained photographer, I have been awarded prizes in competitions during the 1980’s and I am also a published photographer during the recent years (see the page “Publications”).

— Equipment
Camera : Nikon reflex FX D810 (full frame) photo camera (shooting in RAW)
lenses : 14 mm to 200 mm at f/2,8 up to 400 mm at f/5,6
flash : Nikon SB910
software : Nikon Capture NX-D, Capture NX-2, PortraitPro Studio Max.

— I achieve photo reportages in various environments (outdoor, indoor, politics, science, religion, culture) and kinds of situation (static, people on stage, people in motion).
For each photo reportage on an event, I realise shots in three scopes :

1/ general view of the event                2/ scene             3/ individual portrait.








I publish albums in low definition on the internet and deliver the required files in LD or HD by e-mail via Google Drive.
They use my pictures :
Forum des Instituts Culturels Étrangers de Paris (FICEP), 2017-
Chambre de Commerce Franco-Finlandaise (CCFF), 2016-
No studio shooting.

Outdoor public event

D81_7849 copy

His Excellency, Mr Georges Karolyi, ambassador of Hungary in France,
commemoration to the Prince Rakocsi, Yerres, France, September 2017

Indoor public event

D81_8370 copy

Mrs. Mari Kiviniemi, former Prime Minister of Finland, Deputy Secretary General
of the OECD, opening of the French-Finnish Economic Forum of the Finnish Centenary,
Senate, Paris, France, October 2017


D81_9203 copy

Sue Rynhart’s concert for Jazzycolors 2017 by FICEP,
Centre Culturel Irlandais de Paris, Paris, 2017

D81_8054 copy

Halya Tel’nyuk, Tel’nyuk Sisters’ concert, Centre Cultuel Ukrainien de Paris,
Paris, October 2017

D81_9347 copy

Jangi Ensemble’s concert for Jazzycolors 2017 by FICEP, Cultural Centre of Azerbaijan
Goethe Institute Frankreich, Paris, November 2017

Photo gallery on Flickr




The candles for the Deads

candles for the 100 victims of the Euromaidan in Kyiv, Ukraine, Paris, Esplanade des Invalides,February 20, 2014,  + 9.000 views



October Morning light (Explored, 19 Aug. 2016)

photo elected as photo of the day by the weather programme “Météo à la Carte”,
national tv-channel France 3, 2015-10-19


bouée du soir

Fort-Mahon Plage, Picardy, Channel Coast, France


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