Photography :

— As a self-trained photographer, I have been awarded prizes in competitions during the 1980’s and I am also a published photographer during the recent years (see the page “Publications”).

— Equipment
Camera : Nikon reflex FX D810 (full frame) photo camera (shooting in RAW)
lenses : 14 mm to 200 mm at f/2,8 up to 400 mm at f/5,6
flash : Nikon SB910
software : Nikon Capture NX-D, Capture NX-2, PortraitPro Studio Max.

— I achieve photo reportages in various environments (outdoor, indoor, politics, science, religion, culture) and kinds of situation (static, people on stage, people in motion).
For each photo reportage on an event, I realise shots in three levels :

1/ general view of the event                  2/ scene                     3/ individual portrait.

I publish albums in low definition on the internet and deliver the required files in LD or HD by e-mail via Google Drive.
No studio shooting.

Last photo-reportages :

2016-10-04, Paris, France, Centre Culturel de Serbie
Concert du Trio Bohème


2016-09-20, Paris, France, Chambre de Commerce Franco-Finlandaise
Le modèle social finlandais est-il transposable en France ? 


2016-09-18, Melun, France, The Multilayered European
Céramique-sur-Seine 2016


general view of the event on the kay of the Seine river, under the library of the Astrolabe

2016-09-10, Fresnes, France, Centre de Relations France-Ukraine
Culture et Traditions d’Ukraine à la Bibliothèque de Fresnes


General view of the exhibition in the public library of the municipality of Fresnes

2016-09-08, Paris, France, Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France
Un Siècle d’entreprises suédoises en France


2016-08-28, Fort-Mahon, France,  The Multilayered European
Intervention d’urgence du SAMU Picardie


2016-07-24, Paris, France, The Multilayered European
Tour de France 2016 étape des Champs Élysées


2016-07-24, Paris, France, The Multilayered European
La Course by Le Tour 2016


2016-07-14, Paris, France, The Multilayered European
Défilé du 14 juillet 2016


2016-07-11, Paris, France, Chambre de Commerce Franco-Finlandaise
Style numérique et faux pas “Affaire” par Eva Lebel


2015-10-24, Paris, France, Wikimedia France
Assemblée Générale Ordinaire Wikimedia France octobre 2015



Photo gallery on Flickr


The candles for the Deads

photo elected as photo of the day by the weather programme “Météo à la Carte” by the national tv-channel France 3, 2015-10-19

October Morning light (Explored, 19 Aug. 2016)


bouée du soir


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