photo-shooting in Nature

great format printings

Three scopes for each event :


general view of the event, scene, individual portrait

I publish albums in low definition on the internet and deliver the required files in LD or HD by e-mail via Google Drive.

They use my pictures :

No studio shooting.

Outdoor public event

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His Excellency, Mr Georges Karolyi, ambassador of Hungary in France,


commemoration to the Prince Rakocsi, Yerres, France, September 2017

Indoor public event

Mrs. Mari Kiviniemi, former Prime Minister of Finland, Deputy Secretary General of the OECD, opening of the French-Finnish Economic Forum of the Finnish Centenary,

Senate, Paris, France, October 2017


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in this slideshow :


Sue Rynhart’s concert for Jazzycolors 2017 by FICEP, Centre Culturel Irlandais de Paris, Paris, 2017 ; Halya Tel’nyuk, Tel’nyuk Sisters’ concert, Centre Cultuel d’Ukraine en France, Paris, October 2017 ; Jangi Ensemble’s concert for Jazzycolors 2017 by FICEP, Cultural Centre of Azerbaijan, Goethe Institute Frankreich, Paris, November 2017



L'Anse du Pouldu

Fort Bloqué, Brittany, France, August 2018

HDR (composite of 9 shots) :

Guidel Plage

Fort Bloqué, Brittany, France, August 2018

Long exposure (30 seconds) applied to landscape :

La nuit tombe sur la plage de Guidel

Fort Bloqué, Brittany, France, August 2018

short exposure (1/2.000 of a second) applied to observation of natural life

Take off

goose, Sorques, France, May 2018


Libellule bleue

dragonfly, Sorques, France, June 2018

Picture without flash in dark light :

D81_6009 copy

Andrea Bucko, Orphée Privé, Paris, June 2018

Among my greatest successes through my Photo gallery on Flickr

The Skyline

Landscape in Héricy, France, May 2018

Ranked 2nd in the photo contest of June 2018 of the Magazine n°119

of the Department of Seine-et-Marne, France

The candles for the Deads

candles for the 100 victims of the Euromaidan in Kyiv, Ukraine, Paris, Esplanade des Invalides,February 20, 2014,  + 9.000 views

October Morning light (Explored, 19 Aug. 2016)

photo elected as photo of the day by the weather programme “Météo à la Carte”,


national tv-channel France 3, 2015-10-19

bouée du soir (à ma mère)

Fort-Mahon Plage, Picardy, Channel Coast, France

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