Visit To The Oceanside

Comment on the former restaurant Таверна (Tavern), beyond the Pedestrian Bridge on Dniprovs'kyy Island Introduction The New Era promotes, if not prescribes, social events. We must be included in a numerical account. "On your own, brother ?" to quote George Orwell in his famous novel 1984 would be the relevant inquiry of the day. Our … Continue reading Visit To The Oceanside

Hommage à Nathalie Pasternak dite “Natalka”

L'annonce du décès de Nathalie Pasternak, le lundi 4 janvier 2016 en soirée, a profondément ému nombre de membres de la communauté ukrainienne vivant en France, diaspora, nouveaux arrivants et autres cas, y compris les amis de cette communauté, gens sans origine ukrainienne mais qui ont sympathisé avec un peuple, ses traditions, ses rituels, ses … Continue reading Hommage à Nathalie Pasternak dite “Natalka”

In The Silence Of A Historical Black-Hole

A Solitary Visit To Babyn Yar, Kyiv, Ukraine, 3 Weeks Before The Official Commemorations Of The 70th Anniversary Of The Events Of The 29-30th Of September 1941 Introduction History, as a synthetic representation of our common past, is an organized selection of informations as well as actuality, as a representation of our shared present, is a … Continue reading In The Silence Of A Historical Black-Hole

Leur lucidité ne fut pas un pouvoir

Commentaire sur les Lettres de Kharkov, d'Andrea Grazioso, Éditions Noir sur Blanc, Lausanne, novembre 2013 Andrea Graziosi (à droite) et Iryna Dmytrychyn lors de la présentation du livre à l'INALCO, 29 novembre 2013 (source : Cyrille Clément) Au mois de novembre 2013, alors même que débutait sur la place de l'Indépendance à Kyiv, dans d'autres … Continue reading Leur lucidité ne fut pas un pouvoir

The Myth Of Europe

Comment on the situation in Crimea 5th of March 2014 Today, 5th of March 2014, since three months that the protests have started in the Ukrainian communities in support of signing an Agreement of Association with the European Union by the President Yanukovych, it is now time to think a little bit beyond the short-lived … Continue reading The Myth Of Europe

A Price Is A Revenue

Comment on the video proceedings of the academic conference held at the University of Harvard during the 7th and 8th of March 2008 under the title : "Reassessing Post-Soviet Energy Politics, Ukraine, Russia, and the battle for Gas from Central Asia to the European Union"   Introduction to the Conference on YouTube : All parts … Continue reading A Price Is A Revenue

Kyiv to be discovered

comment on Touring Kyiv, Guidebook Virginijus Strolia, Mikhaïl Kal'nitskiy Baltija Dryk, Kyiv, 2003 - 223 pages For the foreigner arriving for the first time in Kyiv and, maybe in Ukraine as well, this guidebook written in English and beautifully printed, desserves a complete reading. Well documented and illustrated with colourful maps, plans, photos and reproductions (see reproduction … Continue reading Kyiv to be discovered

Як Тебе не любити, літе мій ?

Як Тебе не любити, літе мій ? Поезія Акації, жимолості, липи, Літні мрії, спасибі природі За цю щорічну поїздку До країну подарунка. How Not To Love You My Summer ? Poem Acacia, honeysuckle, linden, Summer dreams, thanks to Nature For this annual trip To the country of the gift. I composed this short nostalgic poem … Continue reading Як Тебе не любити, літе мій ?

La Corbeille à pain de la Russie, aussi connue sous le nom d’Ukraine

Ou la vision officielle de l’Ukraine exposée par l’Administration Américaine dans Pourquoi nous combattons de Frank Capra, épisode 5 : La Bataille de Russie, 1943    Introduction : prémisses de la série Pourquoi nous combattons L’humanité a créé tant de chefs-d’œuvre, de classiques incontestés. Les générations successives finissent par en oublier en route une bonne partie, si elles ne sont … Continue reading La Corbeille à pain de la Russie, aussi connue sous le nom d’Ukraine

Faces Of Kyiv, An Introduction

  Independence Monument on the Place of The Independence (Maydan Nezalezhnosti), the nevralgic centre of Kyiv (source : Cyrille Clément)   When it is not for strictly formalized professional purposes, the approach of a capital city which is new to you is at start unclear. A magma appears to you in a global confusion in … Continue reading Faces Of Kyiv, An Introduction