Visit To The Oceanside

Comment on the former restaurant Таверна (Tavern),   beyond the Pedestrian Bridge on Dniprovs'kyy Island Introduction The New Era promotes, if not prescribes, social events. We must be included in a numerical account. "On your own, brother ?" to quote George Orwell in his famous novel 1984 would be the relevant inquiry of the day. …

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Kyiv to be discovered

comment on Touring Kyiv, Guidebook Virginijus Strolia, Mikhaïl Kal'nitskiy Baltija Dryk, Kyiv, 2003 - 223 pages For the foreigner arriving for the first time in Kyiv and, maybe in Ukraine as well, this guidebook written in English and beautifully printed, desserves a complete reading. Well documented and illustrated with colourful maps, plans, photos and reproductions (see reproduction …

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Як Тебе не любити, літе мій ?

Як Тебе не любити, літе мій ? Поезія Акації, жимолості, липи, Літні мрії, спасибі природі За цю щорічну поїздку До країну подарунка. How Not To Love You My Summer ? Poem Acacia, honeysuckle, linden, Summer dreams, thanks to Nature For this annual trip To the country of the gift. I composed this short nostalgic poem …

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